A sudden staffing need or change in census can make operating efficiently or within budget extremely challenging. Our goal is to help your facility meet those challenges with ease. We are ready to provide you with top-notch health care professionals with minimal notice. Our staff is available for per-diem, short and long term assignments. We pride ourselves as being an extra set of hands when you need us.

By utilizing the flexible local work force of StaffCo you can control costs and keep your employees happy. Our nurses are available so you won't need to pay your full-time staff overtime. Not only is overtime expensive, the additional hours worked by your staff can lead to fatigue and burnout. Overworked employees are prone to make more mistakes, become unhappy or even leave the job permanently and create more holes in your schedule. Overtime is a symptom that you can prevent with StaffCo.

We understand that emergency staffing needs may arise that require the expertise of RNs, LPNs, or CNAs. Our staff will provide your facility with added scheduling flexibility. Look at us as your extended per-diem pool.

All our staff have been prescreened and qualified. We verify licenses and certifications, run criminal background checks, perform drug screens, check references, verify medical requirements and meet any special client needs such as checking specific state or federal data bases for past criminal history.

Our nurses have experience with all types of care giving environments. They are knowledgeable on current trends and accepted treatments. In most cases they are ready to work with your existing staff with little or no orientation.

You choose the shifts that you need covered and we will provide the staff for those shifts. If you find a certain staff member who fits into your facility and connects with your staff, then we will give you preference on scheduling this nurse. The choice is yours.